X-Ray / ETD

X-Ray / ETD

Our investment – Your benefit
Cross Freight is one of the few logistics companies that boasts its own x-ray system, thus ensuring your schedule is completed on time and scheduled freight is planned seamlessly.

The new EU Aviation Security Act came into force on 29.04.2013. Since this date, freight from companies in Germany  is only accepted as "secure air freight " if it is from a "known consignor" accredited by the German Federal Aviation Authority (LBA). Shipments from "unknown consignors" are considered to be "non-secure air freight".
In order to transport this freight, it must be physically checked prior to departure using respective equipment, primarily x-ray devices.

To ensure the fastest possible transport times without any inconveniences, we have decided to install and operate an x-ray system and an explosive traces detection machine in our warehouse. This helps to prevent delays and allows us to offer our customers the best possible service.

The advantages of our service package

  • Planning reliability due to significant time advantages (no waiting times!)
  • Fastest possible transportation of particularly urgent air freight
  • Protection measures from a single source

We will be only too pleased to provide you with more details about our services and a competitive quotation based on your needs to ensure your goods are transported quickly, safely and securely.

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