Ship Spares

Ship Spares

We are the partner of choice for international shipping companies and agencies, and guarantee the on-time delivery of ship spares and ship equipment. 

In situations which demand the fastest possible delivery times, we respond with the best possible solution that incorporates efficient and proven procedures for the on board delivery of urgently needed parts worldwide.

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Cross Freight - Ship Spares

  • Shipping – air / land / sea
  • Storage / Handling
  • On board delivery – worldwide
  • Hubs at key strategic locations – worldwide
  • Management of long-term storage for shipping companies
  • From anchor to cylinder liner (from 0.1 kg to 100 t)
  • Customs handling from ship – to ship
  • Management of stock reports
  • Online customer portal | daily/hourly updates
  • Licensed to handle sea rescue equipment of CL 1 BAM II
  • Dangerous goods management for all modes of transportation
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