Changes as of 25 March, 2013 for "Known Consignors"

All around the world sent air freight must be protected against unauthorized access.

Air freight classified only as secure should be passed to airlines. Here the "regulated agent" (reglementierter Beauftragter - RegB) occupy a crucial role.

Cross Freight has the status of "regulated agent" (RegB ) certified by the German Air Traffic Control Authority (Luftfahrt Bundesamt, LBA) and is therefore authorized to accept and process secure cargo. Thus your freight retains the status of "secure" air freight.

Non-registered consignor

If u are not registered as "known consignor" at the Federal Aviation Authority (LBA), we will ship your freight of course reliable and legal security.


But we are committed on the basis of the provisions by the legislature to carry out safety measures (physical control, x-ray, sniffers, etc.). This will cause probably time delay asa well as additional costs.


Processing "not secured" air freight

Ask Cross Freight. We hesitate to answer further questions available. For the safety regulations imposed on us, we ask for your understanding and assure that we will treat your air freight shipments continue smoothly as far as the statutory provisions allow it.